Artist Spotlight: ICN's Nivlac Lemaj and Sidda

About the Artist: Nivlac Lemaj

Inspired by passionate storytellers such as Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, and DMX, Nivlac Lemaj is a masterful curator of hip-hop narratives. Narratives that are often grounded in harsh realities yet told in a way that is undeniably “music to the ears''. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Nivlac uses his life experiences, divine gift of words, playful flows, and keen intellect to paint vivid pictures for his listeners. His lyrics often speak to the unheard and unseen in ways that are deeply moving. Perhaps the

greatest thing about Nivlac’s musical gifts is his ability to be a chameleon. His ability to tackle various production styles so effortlessly while remaining true to his poetic nature is what makes him one of the next biggest things to happen in hip-hop.

About the Artist: Sidda

Brooklyn born artist, Sidda stands alone as an exceptional talent. He is a multifaceted visionary much like his greatest musical inspiration, Kanye West. Whether he is crooning over a beat with R&B inspired vocals, or boldly attacking a beat with magnetic flows, you can guarantee that you will be in for musical euphoria as you tune into anything that he touches. With a liking to serene and futuristic sounds, Sidda manages to take his listeners on fantastical journeys while still serving up relatable content that brings awareness to the space we exist in. He uses his art as a tool to both motivate and entertain fans of the genres he partakes in. Much like his main source of inspiration, Sidda has what it takes to influence a generation of music lovers from all walks of life.

About the Project: Black Hippy (EP)

“Black Hippy” is the first full-length collaborative project by Nivlac Lemaj and Sidda, best friends and business partners. If a background story of their friendship wasn’t convincing enough of the indisputable chemistry between these two artists, one round of “Black Hippy” would serve as the final thesis. The EP serves as a soundtrack for the summer, an extended pre-game anthem for a night out at the club with friends or a car ride cruising down an inner city highway. The production on each track is enough to draw interest and ignite energy in any listener, but what makes Black Hippy such an outstanding project is Nivlac and Sidda’s ability to seamlessly throw each other melodic alley-oops, one behind the other. With creation beginning in the summer of 2020, Black Hippy started as a project between two brothers who wanted more than anything to simply have fun with each other. The fun is evident in their swagger over each rhythm but it is their lyricism that makes it clear that they have arrived and are legions ahead of their competition.

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