What We Stand For

ICN is a provider of cutting-edge entertainment and services while offering content that excites your inner child. We started off as a group of friends who started by scribbling their ideas on paper, collecting these ideas, and making them come true. Now, we aim to create/provide a space for creatives (like ourselves) that often go unnoticed and bring our story to the world using our own voices. We are taking control of the narrative for people of color (in regard to media and social networking) & giving others like us a chance to let our voices be heard and our talent seen. We have created a place where you can be free to express yourself under various creative circumstances, so by all means, please, embrace your inner child! Here, there is a place for everyone.

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Nivlac Lemaj

CEO of Inner Child Network

Meet Nivlac Lemaj, the CEO of Inner Child Network. Nivlac started Inner Child Network as a podcast network but felt inspired to develop and expand on that idea. Dedicated to responding to the needs of his community, Nivlac transitioned from the idea of a podcast network to a multimedia company dedicated to telling necessary stories through various forms of art. Nivlac is a multi-talented artist, podcaster, songwriter, rapper, audio engineer, screenwriter, and actor. He created Inner Child Network as a safe space and an opportunity for people of color to join forces, work on their craft, give back to their communities and “embrace their Inner Child”. Nivlac manages to embrace his Inner Child daily, through his whimsical sense of humor, as well as through hobbies such as playing video games and basketball.

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Christina Wright aka Chrisa

President of Inner Child Network

Meet Christina Wright, aka Chrisa- President of Inner Child Network. Christina serves as a liaison between each division of the company and has a role in developing and maintaining Inner Child’s vision alongside her husband and CEO, Nivlac Lemaj. Serving as a member of each division, she hopes to provide emotional and professional support to each member of the company, as well as aiding with the execution of all Inner Child projects. With a background in Sociology and Mental Health, she is intentional about contributing to a work culture where people’s lived experiences and stories are seen, heard, shared, and validated. She is a podcaster, blogger, screenwriter, and songwriter. Christina has strong aspirations of expanding on her talents with the support of her amazingly gifted team. She firmly believes in the notion of “Embracing your Inner Child” as a means of living a life that is purposeful, genuine, and fulfilling. She embraces hers by exploring museums and amusement parks with her children, drawing, and immersing herself in 90’s nostalgia.

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Vice President of Inner Child Network

Meet Liz--Vice President of Inner Child Network. With a passion for exploring creative opportunities, Liz is a jane of all trades, and self-proclaimed mental health enthusiast. She understands the plight of "creating while Black," and hopes to encourage other creatives to trust their visions and tailor their talents in a fashion that represents their truest Inner Child. Her love for writing and film aids her as Director of film & TV production for ICN, and embraces her inner child by living based off the affirmation "Do it scared."



Vice President / Chief Talent Officer

Meet Rich--Vice President and Chief Talent Officer for Inner Child Network. Proudly repping the Boogie Down Bronx, Rich aims to honor his borough, starting with celebrating its Hip Hop roots. As a rapper, writer, and comic book/anime enthusiast, Rich epitomizes blerdism, with hopes of making these perspectives tangible through creative works in ICN. His deep love and knowledge of music supports his role as director of ICN's music department and talent scout. Rich embraces his Inner Child by holding steadfast to his favorite pastime--watching cartoons and anime.

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Anisah Banks aka Taint3d Wing5

Director of Inner Child Gaming

Meet Patrice aka Anisah aka Taint3d Wing5. She is the Director of Inner Child Network and Marketing, and of the Inner Child Gaming department. Anisah has a certification in Customer Service and attended James Madison HS, KBCC, and FullSail University in the search of expanding her talents and exploring her passions. Anisah, also happened to be born into a gamer family. From mom, to dad, to siblings alike, they all have a knack for tapping into their competitive nature. Especially Anisah, because during her free time, she is perfecting her analog gaming and PWNing online, while streaming, so the world can see the joys of playing. Anisah truly allows her positive energy to be ever present in her work and personal life. All by seeing the bright sides of everything, and spreading laughter to herself and everyone around her. Not only that, she uses music and comedy to tap into the heart of the world. Anisah embraces her inner-child by staying in tune with her spirituality, reading books, listening to music, writing poetry, watching cartoons, anime, making friends and creating fun out of thin air.

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Edith Saint Preux

Assistant Director of Networking and Marketing

Meet Edith Saint Preux, Assistant Director of Networking and Marketing for Inner Child Network. Edith has professional experience working in education, healthcare, and retail, and has been drawing since she was a wee lass. After attending LaGuardia HS for visual art, Edith aims to continue developing her artistic goals and looks forward to using her talent to support ICN projects. She aspires to share her creativity with the world through a variety of mediums including, but not limited to illustration, and jewelry making. Despite the baby face, she is an old soul at her core, with grounding energy. Being part of an intersectional community that uplifts the collective and fosters expression brings her joy, and to nurture her Inner Child, Edith always makes time for simple things like good tea, a book to get lost in, and food that makes her stomach and spirit happy.



Wellness Director / Head Of Security

Meet Jsi, Inner Child’s Director of our Wellness division and Head of Security. She is a self-proclaimed “Toys’R’Us Kid”, “Studsband”, mother, coach, writer, producer, forever student, and host. These are just a few of the hats she wears in her daily life. Under the pen name Yung Wizdom, Jsi delivers passionate verses when donning the stage as a Poet. Jsi embraces her Inner Child by coloring, playing with building blocks, playing tag, and always being up for a water war.


Vanessa Lawrence

Director of Finance

Meet Vanessa Lawrence, Inner Child Network's Finance Director. Vanessa is a mother, lover, fighter, and professional. She wears many hats, but her favorite hat thus far has been momma to a baby girl. One of her goals is to show the world that it is possible to help others without degradation or imposing your agenda. Her impetus for joining Inner Child Network is to help to inspire, rouse, and stimulate people of all ages to strive for greatness and never settle. She is always committed to growth and learning new things as she continues to educate herself by studying in multiple fields. As a young girl, she was highly inquisitive, always intrigued by behavior, and learning why people act the way they do. Which led to her formal studies in psychology where she obtained her BA. She also has an educational background in studio art. To this day, Vanessa strives to understand people’s behavior and is committed to helping others thrive interpersonally and professionally. She embraces her Inner Child by getting her hands and feet dirty in nature, caring for the earth, crocheting, and painting.

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Joey, aka Sidda

Human Resources Manager

Meet Joey, aka Sidda- Human Resources Manager of Inner Child Network. With his background in clinical psychology, Joey is passionate about helping others succeed and becoming the best they can be. He provides ethical standards to ICN and is here to protect all of its members by creating and upholding guidelines that create a safe workplace for all backgrounds. Joey is also Assistant Director to our Music Division, providing his musical knowledge, engineering, production, and creative talent to the team. Joey embraces his Inner Child through art; whether it be creating new sounds, painting, or just experiencing someone else’s creation.